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NPR Weekend Edition with Scott Simon

November 8th, 2009 Posted in Blog | 5 Comments
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At last count more than hundred people have posted comments about my interview this weekend with Scott Simon on NPR.  Many of those responses have supported the assertions I make in "Denialism, " others have criticized me with great vigor and still others, it seems, would serve as examples of  the problems of denialism the book attempts to describe. Issues like vaccination, the proper role of organic food in feeding the world, and the use of vitamins and supplements certainly do seem to get under people's skin.

5 Comments to “NPR Weekend Edition with Scott Simon”

  • Tai Fung says:

    I just heard a replay of the NPR interview online. Excellent work. I’m active in the Skepticism movement, and I assure we we bristle that people call themselves Vaccine “skeptics” when all they are in reality are anti-vaxers. We need more bomb-throwing rhetoric, or at least to generally go on the offensive, when it comes to confronting those promoting anti-science agendas.

    I’ll be sure to get a copy of the new book asap! It will go great with my Demon Haunted World, Flim Flam, and the Chris Mooney books. Please stay on the attack and the watch — you’re literally saving lives when you do it (although do we really care if a homeopath dies? Isn’t that doing us a favor, as a collective people?) ;-)

  • Jeffrey Livingston says:

    Any plans to release an audio book of Denialism?
    I’m a longtime subscriber and would love to have your book to listen to.
    I discovered your book via the NPR interview, btw.

  • Alex Forster says:

    I’d like to second the suggestion of an audiobook. I never have time to read, but I commute and audiobooks have turned out to be great for me–I’m ‘reading’ more now than ever before. And of course your book sounds fascinating. I’ve always wondered why more people don’t call out these wildly disproportionate, hypocritical public reactions that seem to surround every divisive topic.

  • Olivier Ansaldi says:

    Like Alex and Jeffrey, I would love to listen to Denialism as an audiobook. Pretty please!

  • specterm says:

    there is one one line now go to amazon

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