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My recent discussion on NPR’s Science Friday about Denialism

January 25th, 2010 Posted in Blog | 3 Comments

Last Friday I talked about "Denialism" on NPR's Science Friday show with Ira Flatow.  After a while Ira took calls and the first person on the air provided a dramatic, and completely unwitting demonstration of what denialism really means. She was a woman who believed that abortion is wrong and science could help her prove it. Fair enough. But when I asked what she would do if science helped prove her theories make no sense (as in my estimation it has)  the scientific method no longer seems so terribly essential to here.  You can find a link to the discussion here, and also on my appearances page. –

3 Comments to “My recent discussion on NPR’s Science Friday about Denialism”

  • Carolyn Ohl-Johnson says:

    I found the book in our local bookstore's free box. After reading it I know why it didn't become a bestseller. Deeply embedded denialism. People don't want to hear it, and they don't want to read it. I found it refreshing and hope my family reads it. 

  • Carolyn U. says:

    Thank you!  I'm telling everyone about this book!  And I don't recall how I came across Denialism but I do wish I found it sooner.

  • Sarah says:

    There is a deep form of denialism that is just basically superstition. Even scientists have little superstitions and fears in the dark. I think it goes back to a more primitive part of our development and also fear of death.
    A huge segment of our population believes in conspiracy theories. Humans are programmed to recognize patterns. The fear and stress in our lives puts that pattern recognition into overdrive. Also some people are just naturally more apt do believe in things like contradictory conspiracy theories, astrology, tarot, telepathy, ghosts, witches, etc. You could even say that on the political right more people believe in angels, demons, miracles, god's plan.
    Really, what can you do about our irrational nature? We're never going to grow out of it. There will always be these nutters driving more rational people crazy. Maybe that's the secret. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

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