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October 19th, 1998 | Posted in The New Yorker, Articles | No Comments
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In its planned invasion of Italy, Starbucks is armed with Frappuccinos and Americanos–but will that win over a nation of espresso drinkers?
by Michael Specter

A couple of years ago, after a long dinner in a medieval Tuscan village, I asked my father–who was visiting Italy for the first time–if he wanted a cup of coffee. His eyes went blank. "Not the thimbleful," he said, with dread, as if the waiter were about to deliver a thumbscrew instead of an espresso. Read more »

The Nobel Syndrome

October 5th, 1998 | Posted in The New Yorker, Articles | No Comments
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After years of controversy and bungling, the members of the secretive Swedish Academy are more divided than ever.
by Michael Specter

One Thursday in October, a man named Sture Allen will carry out what he calls "my little ritual." Read more »

Urgency Tempers Ethics Concerns in Uganda Trial of AIDS Vaccine

October 1st, 1998 | Posted in New York Times, Articles | No Comments
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KAMPALA, Uganda–Raphael Nawiro got up extra early one steamy morning this summer. He walked a mile from his home, then took two long bus rides until he reached Uganda's principal medical complex, the aging, overburdened Old Mulago Hospital. Read more »