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Forgotten Victim of Chechnya: Russian Army

January 19th, 1997 | Posted in New York Times, Articles | No Comments
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BUDYONNOVSK, Russia, Jan. 15– Last August, Cpl. Sergei Valdov drove his tank into the worst battle of the Chechen war. Most of his platoon died in that final, desperate fight for Grozny, the capital. Corporal Valdov was lucky: he escaped with only a large piece of shrapnel in his leg. Read more »

A Visionary Who Put an Era Out of Its Misery

January 7th, 1997 | Posted in New York Times, Articles | No Comments
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Memoirs by Mikhail Gorbachev

Most correspondents who arrived in Moscow after the Soviet Union fell apart, myself included, admit at least to occasional pangs of envy. Those colleagues who were here before us witnessed a remarkable human achievement: they watched as a provincial man came to Moscow, gained control of the Kremlin, opened the darkest corners of Russian society, stopped the cold war and changed the world. Read more »