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Pristine Russian Far East Sees Its Fate in Gold

June 9th, 1997 | Posted in New York Times, Articles | No Comments
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ESSO, Russia–The basic view from this mountain village hasn't changed for 7, 000 years, since a giant reservoir of molten lava crested over to form the mighty peak of Asia's largest and most active volcano. Eagles and falcons dance through the crisp air. Not far away, the world's biggest population of grizzly bears– shaking off their winter slumber–forage for salmon as big as dogs. Read more »

Moscow on the Make

June 1st, 1997 | Posted in New York Times, Articles | No Comments
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Dawn, with its shafts of light and hints of redemption, doesn't really happen in Moscow. At some point the black of night dissolves into the gray of day. Long trucks full of beets, cabbage and the first spring melons start rumbling across the broken pavement to their destinations at scores of city markets. People rouse themselves, drink tea, then shuffle across the snowy ground to 500 trolley stops and subway stations. Read more »